What I really think of micodermabrasion

July 12, 2018

YES!!!! A THOUSAND TIMES YES! Lets just start off by saying yes and here is one word for why: exfoliation.  I’ve spoken/written about this before so I know that you know how important it is if you know me personally or have read my words.  Microdermabrasion is a machine (we use diamond tip) and it exfoliates your skin heavily with the movement of a suctioned and textured wand.  Microdermabrasion helps with: fine facial lines or wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, clogged pores, skin texture problems, or minor scars.  It stimulates blood flow and therefore helps with skin elasticity and texture.  This helps clean out the pores and minimize pore size as well, I think we all want that. Results vary and should last from 6 to 12 months.  Consistency is key! Microdermabrasion causes no pain or harm.  Be sure to drink lots of water and moisturize your skin afterwards to stay hydrated because the skin will seem a bit dry for about 3 days after your treatment. Please stay out of the sun for a few days before and after and be sure to use a good sunscreen. Enjoy the skin you’re in and care for it everyday!



Why Essential Oils Are Really Essential

December 21, 2017

“Contains the essence of” – By taking essential oils you are captivating the healing and protective powers of the plant.  Aromatherapy started in the late 1920’s and was aimed to heal wounds.  Essential oils are naturally occurring from plants, barks, seeds, roots, flowers and stems.  They have been used long term for balancing moods, healthcare assistance, beauty and food.  You can also infuse oils into your beverages.  Essential oils are extracted using distillation, usually steam which separates the oil and water.

Helps flu and cold symptoms

Alleviates pain

Helps heal skin conditions

Relaxes mind and body

Soothes muscles

Reduces cellulite and wrinkles

Improves digestion

Balances hormones

Clears air

Cleans home

Helps insomnia

Enhances mood

Increases energy levels

Antibacterial and anti-fungal

Used to assist depression and anxiety

Used for calming or uplifting

Emotional wellness overall


Why a peel is for you

October 8, 2017

“A peel, what is that?”, you say. A chemical peel is what I’m speaking of!  This consists of casting off dull surface cells.  By doing this they improve fine lines, acne, discoloration, and more.  They do it for all skin types and colors, casting off dull surface cells, they improve fine lines, acne, discoloration, and more. AND they do it for all skin types and colors, smoother skin that’s both more radiant and more receptive. Your skincare products actually perform better after a peel because there are no dead cells impeding their penetration.

AHA-uses glycolic acid 30 – 70%

BHA- Salicylic acid 20 – 30% (preferred for sensitive skin) BHA is better for those with rosacea but play around with bha exfoliants before fully trying peel.

Phenol- deep

TCA- up to 50% good for fine lines but minimally effective on deeper wrinkles.  good for face, neck, hands, other areas of body

Chemical peels involve applying a type of “chemical agent” to the skin for the purposes of exfoliating sun-damaged, thickened surface skin while stimulating collagen production for firmer skin.

you can expect minor to major improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, skin discolorations, skin texture, rebuilding of collagen, removal of blackheads, and a temporary reduction in excessive oil production

Keep expectations realistic

Some redness, swelling, and increased skin sensitivity can occur with superficial peels. You may also experience a period of intense flaking as the old, damaged skin is replaced by fresh, smooth new skin. Dehydration- Stay hydrated and moisturize, use sunscreen, avoid sun exposure (or else can actually worsen skin!!)


Lift your lashes

May 9, 2017

In a perfect world we would wake up looking exactly how we want but that isn’t the case so I am here to help you get a little closer to that goal.  Without further ado, here is LASH LIFTING (LASH PERMING):

Perming your eyelashes so that they are curled in an upright position and ready to take on the world.  Throw away your mascara when you combine lash lifting and lash tinting. This is perfect for any time of year but I know that this will be so handy while at the beach this year.  Want a triple whammy? Lash lifting + lash tinting + our handmade eyelash growth serum = natural beauty.  Forget about eyelash extensions which is a tedious and expensive process with a ton of upkeep needed.  Lash lifting takes about 30 minutes while the customer lays in the spa bed with their eyes closed listening to the relaxing music.  I don’t think it gets any better than this! Welcome yourself to the natural beauty of long, dark and bold eyelashes.


DIY Facial Sugar Scrub

April 17, 2017

Something so quick and simple can be made right in your kitchen! This Sugar Scrub is a combo of Olive Oil, Honey, and well..Sugar! Olive Oil and Honey are great humectants alone, however, combined the shiny hydrating powers are endless.  I like to use this scrub on my scalp, as well, and pull the Olive Oil and Honey through the ends of my hair. Your skin and hair are made of the same protein {Keratin}, it’s our protector and it takes a beating so we have to keep it moisturized and fresh. Whisk this mask up in the kitchen, but scrub in the shower so you can wash it out after massaging it in!!

The sugar in this combo adds just enough grit to the scrub to loosen dead skin & leftover makeup debris from the skin’s surface. You do have options here and you can toy around with the recipe. It is very low key! For a Vegan alternative, substitute the honey with avocado oil, vitamin E oil, or grapeseed oil. **(add one of these three oils to the concoction for more hydration) If you are into coconut oil, go for it! We love it, too!!! Give it a try and leave us your feedback, it is mucho appreciated!

  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil (or oil of your choice)

  • 2 tbsp Honey

  • 1 tbsp Sugar

Mix together in a small bowl. Apply to your face and neck in upward, circular motions for about 60 seconds. Use a light pressure, do not leave your skin raw. I suggest using on your chest and back of arms, too. As well as, your scalp and hair! You will feel refreshed and brand new after! Exfoliating is so great because it allows the products (that we spend so much money on) to actually penetrate the skin’s barrier better and get some work done!! We want results right?!?! Do this at least once a week to maintain a bright complexion.

Enjoy! XoXo



Literally loving your skin

February 1, 2017

Rose Quartz “the heart stone” is a crystal that honors  Greek Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of love), the Etruscan Goddess Turan (Goddess of Love and Beauty), and the Phoenician Goddess Astarte (Goddess of fertility, love and war). Astarte helps with troubled love, and keeps lovers faithful to each other. Rose Quartz dates back to the Egyptians and Romans who used the stone for minimizing wrinkles and clearing the skin. It’s beautiful in many ways.  My personal favorite is how Rose Quartz is for the love of beauty in nature and to others.  Especially the love to oneself and the deep sense of personal fulfillment.  It carries the feminine energy of compassion, love, nurturing and speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, healing wounds.

Rose Quartz stone:

♥️ Lowers stress and tension in the heart

♥️ Clears out anger, jealousy and resentment

♥️ Allows healing of issues involving the heart

♥️ Vibrates with love

♥️ Opens the heart chakra

♥️ Balances emotions

♥️ Aids in emotional detox

Rosehip Oil:

♥️ Essential fatty acids help regenerate skin cells

♥️ Repairs damaged tissue

♥️ Improves appearance of burns, scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks

Rose essential oil:

♥️ Boosts self esteem/mental strength

♥️ Fades acne scars

Combine all of these things together plus a little more and we give you our Rose Quartz facial!  We have been excited and researching this for a while.  Show yourself some love, love begins IN the body and radiates OUT to the universe.

Heal your skin and heal within ♥️


City of gems

January 31, 2017

Strengthen yourself with healing crystals. The word ‘crystal’ comes from the Greek word for “ice”. It was believed that clear quartz was water frozen so deep that it would never unfreeze.  Crystals have played a part in religions as well.  There are many different meanings to each and every one.  The names of our crystals stem from the Greeks

Our historical references lead us to the Ancient Sumerians who used crystals for magic formulas.  Ancient Egyptians used stones for health and protection.

Some of the good meditation can do you

December 22, 2016

Meditation is a peaceful state in which the mind becomes relaxed.  It is not necessarily becoming thought-less because your imagination can sometimes be roaring during meditation.  Sometimes you can be thought-less while doing so.  Meditation helps relax and rejuvenate the human body.  Some other benefits include:

  • Clarity/peace of mind

  • Better communication/intuition/creativity

  • Healthier mind

  • Improves concentration/mood/behavior

  • Lowers high blood pressure/blood lactate (anxiety attacks)

  • Increases energy (prana)/happiness

  • Helps with insomnia/ulcers/headaches/muscle and joint issues

  • Gaining confidence/focus/sharp mind

  • Mental stability/awareness

  • Helps with physical health and body overall

Meditation is a very important step in finding your inner self and all of the answers that come from within.  Think of yourself and meditation  as a seed.  The more you focus on nurturing the seed, the more the seed happily and healthily grows. Insight towards all is always encouraged in my book so take your time with meditation and focus on it as much as you’d like to make it a part of your daily routine.  You can create beautiful ideas with your mind and also, from my own experience, beautiful places that can be your sanctuaries at any point in time even without moving your physical body!

“Being awake inside without being aware of anything except awareness itself.” -Unknown


I bow to the the divine in you

December 16, 2016

NAMASTE (NAH-MES-TAY) – This beautiful old Hindu word holds so much meaning, respect and power.  Can’t you sense it when you say the word? Try it out a few times and truly feel this word echoing through your body. Namaḥ means ‘bow’, ‘obeisance’, ‘reverential salutation’ or ‘adoration’ and te means ‘to you’.  Namaste literally means “bowing to you”. Namaste or namaskar is used as a respectful form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger. Namaste is also used to express gratitude for assistance offered or given, and to thank for generous kindness.

Namaste is an important word to me and I wanted to share a little of it’s radiance with you all.  After every meditation, yoga, adventure, stretch, workout, meal, purchase, experience and etc. I say this word.  Sometimes I say it more than once in one sitting to really express my gratitude to the universe and all above/below.  Do you know how the word ‘love’ sometimes feels like it isn’t enough to express how much you really adore someone so you say it over and over? That’s the same as this, to me.

So therefore, sharing the meaning of this word I can continue onto one of the best times to say it and that leads me to MEDITATION. Meditation can be whatever you want it to be, meditate how you want. (Let’s be really clear here, I don’t love rules and I am a free spirit to no end so living by that I want everyone to know that everything in this universe can be done in your own way.) Meditation to me isn’t sitting any certain way doing one certain thing every time.  Meditation is a different experience every time, the same as when you repeat the same thing all the time, it’s never exactly the same.  It also isn’t because you are essentially accepting what the universe is giving you and what your mind is producing.  Also, everyone is different so one thing that works for me may not work for you.  Find your way and connect.

Some ways to help expel all the mind chatter:

  • FEEL – Feel the sensations in your body. Do a scan of the inside of your body. We have an amazing amount of nerves so that we are able to feel.  Appreciate feeling and your ability to. I start wherever feels right. Sometimes I’ll start from my head and go to my toes, sometimes I can’t help but to feel my hands first and then whatever else.  I skip around and just let it happen and flow.

  • BREATHE – Breathe, focus on just breathing and being.  Listen to you breath come into your lungs and then exit your body. Think of how nourishing breathing air is for your body.  Pretty complex and radical concept, huh? Picture your lungs expanding and protruding in this process.

  • HEAR – If you can, be thank for having the ability to simply hear the world around you as not all of us can.  Listen to a song that you find to shake your whole being. Recommendations: Led Zeppelin- Dazed and Confused or Stairway To Heaven, Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb or Us and Them, Trevor Hall- Jagadeesha or The Lime Tree, Of Montreal- The Past Is A Grotesque Animal, Krishna Das- Baba Hanuman, or simply just look up Hindu chants on Youtube. (Contact me for more) You could also go to the beach and listen to the waves and animals or a special place for you and just listen to the universe.

  • SEE- You can see without your eyes, if you didn’t already know.  Your mind creates a picture for you, always.  I take full advantage of this and daydream all the time.  You can see your mind as a black space and if you space out just enough you mind seems to become a lava lamp.  I see shapes and colors and I embrace it all.  If you want a mental image just simply give yourself that.  We tend to complicate/overthink things and that’s okay but steer away from that.  Meditation is especially the place to just let it all be. Do you want to see The Great Wall of China? Okay, so go there in your mind.  You are the artist of your mind so paint the picture.  Let your imagination roam free.

  • MANTRA- Give yourself positive affirmations.  Focus your meditation to one or many mantras.  See the mantra, feel the mantra, hear the mantra, breathe the mantra, taste the mantra, be that damn mantra.  Example: I am beautiful, I love myself, I am happy.  Everything is all in your mind so convince yourself of these things even if you don’t really believe them at first.  Whatever you want to be, you can be, just be.

  • LET GO- You are your own worst enemy.  I.E. So say that you have an “enemy”, they are your enemy because you make them your enemy.  Yes you, you can think/say all you want that they are your enemy because they did/said/are something.  Realize, my friend, that you can take everything with a grain of salt and LET GO. This will no longer make them your enemy because you let go of all care and forgave.  Now let go of all that is running through your mind.  When these demons are chasing/bothering you, give them away.  Picture yourself winning the fight or picture yourself setting out to sea and waving goodbye to them as they sit on the shore.  This could be anything or anyone (to-do list, drama, ex items or people).


These are really just some examples as I could go on for days but this is really just to get you flowing and for you to try things so that you can find what works best for you.  Practice because sometimes there is a blockage prohibiting you from getting to where you want/need to be.  Give yourself time, not everything comes easy so relax and keep at it.  Don’t say you can’t do something because you can do anything when you devote yourself to it.  Do this for you.  Give yourself at least 3 minutes a day and just find your inner you.  Spend time with you, you deserve it.  Meditation has so many benefits for you (upcoming blog).  Make sure you start and end with gratitude.  Count your blessings on Mala beads! Say thank-you however you would like but when I am finished with my meditation I end with NAMASTE.

And namaste to you all, xo.


More Than Just A Day Spa

December 10, 2016

As you are probably are already aware, At Anchor Day Spa is where we give from.  We give not only spa services but whole-hearted attention and affection.  Now you can get the image out of your head of walking into a big business spa as what you will see when you walk into At Anchor Day Spa.  I don’t want to paint too much of a picture as I would like to leave a bit of a surprise for your first visit. Picture walking into someone’s loving home, as if a building could hug you, feel and see that.  We offer things that we believe in.  The services done here are to better you. The products here are to better you.  It’s like you use these products, made with the best intentions and hand picked for you, and they heal you with millions of kisses. You cannot pour from an empty glass and it is important to not only take care of the outer you but the inner as well.  When you tend to yourself you tend to others too by being at your absolute best.  I’m talking about the spiritual you.  As humans we often try to run on empty until we explode and I am here to enforce that this is not okay and find the time for YOU. Treat YOU. Even if you give yourself five minutes a day to do something small for yourself, that counts.  We give give give to others and must remember to give to ourselves as well.  We can’t seem to understand someone who goes to work and it really feels like work.  We can’t wrap our minds around doing something for a dollar.  We look at being here as the dollar is just an extra benefit.  I no longer cry to and from work.  On my way here I am busy singing in the car because I am happy, free and full.  We am here doing what we love and surrounded by people that we love.  We are here giving energies and love.  We don’t do what we do to someone with a frown, we do the complete opposite because we CARE.  We enjoy helping others see their beauty and worth.  We enjoy life chats on the couch over some tea or coffee. We enjoy calming someone, stripping away all pain and anxiety and filling them with the best we can give.  If you have no idea what I’m writing about then I very strongly urge you to come see.  Witness for yourself the magic that is here.  This is a home away from home and we share with others a world of things. We adore everyone ever so much.

Accept with arms wide open

December 9, 2016

Self-acceptance is really only a mere bump in the road.  Looking at the word ‘self-acceptance’ I remember the times I felt so low that I was in my mind looking at the word as a threatening mountain.  I thought how can I make it over this huge expedition?  Now I look at the word as if it has been conquered.  And to a very large degree, it was.  I struggled for so long and I flash back to the times that I hated feeling different.  I wanted a different name that was generic because mine was too weird, I wanted to cut my long hair because everyone else’s was short and I wanted to be beautiful because I felt the lack of beauty in me and the extreme presence of it in others.  I always had a hard time with just being.  Years later I have come to find the power in myself to accept.  I found my way to acceptance in taking the first step of accepting things that happened.  I literally no longer cried over spilled milk.  To get to the point of accepting things, you must calm your mind and see the positives in all. The second step was accepting others.  I tried my hardest (even for the meanest of people) to see the beauty in others.  My new belief system had come to knowing that everyone is beautiful in their own way. My final step was accepting who I am.  Instead of thinking I needed to be fixed, I let go of all.  I surrendered to all and with arms wide open I accepted.  I accepted what makes me unique, as the comparison goes that no snowflake is exactly the same.  I focused on obsessing over the good things about me rather than the things I personally didn’t like.  I can’t express to you how much I used to literally obsess over being beautiful.  It doesn’t work like that though, I have come to find that I am much more peaceful as is.  As all is, as I am, perfectly imperfect.  I encourage you to feel this for yourself as I believe it is very important so that life can be lived to the fullest.

A Precious Little Gift Called Life

December 8, 2016

When things get you down it is important to keep positivity radiating throughout your entire body.  I have been through my fair share of struggles, just as anyone else has, and I am finally proud to say that I am winning the battles against my demons.  I was depressed for many many years and over the past year I truly have become a great woman.  I am now finding my way into fitting into my own skin.  I am happy, I am thankful and I am abundant.  My love for myself grows everyday now and I know myself well enough now to put on my happy pants everyday even when I feel like the world around me is crumbling. The important thing to do is take the bad and see the good in it until you no longer see all darkness.  You are actually capable of tricking yourself into being happy and better as it is all in your mind.  How you perceive life is how it is for you.  You attract what vibes you send out.  This may all sound like hyperbole but I can promise you from deep down within my soul, this is the way.  Find your inner light, love yourself for who you are and all that you have even if it may not seem to be enough.  We are all human, we want things and we make mistakes and that is all okay.  Don’t give up, there is so much more to come.  As you open your mind to all happiness, you are attracting happiness to you and accepting it with wide open arms. Life is so beautiful and if you don’t stop to admire the view at least once a day you will really be missing out. Namaste xo


Water is life

December 5, 2016

Water is absolutely essential to the human body.  The average human body is made up of around 50-65% of water.  Water helps the human body function by creating circulation, helping move food and nutrients, giving energy, keeping a fast metabolism, suppressing hunger, decreasing risks of diseases, flushing out toxins, providing health for the human brain and skin and much more. Water is all around us, covering a whopping 70.9% of the earth’s surface. Here are some really amazing facts that connect us, water and the earth so much that it makes my head spin:

  • 75% of the human brain is water and 75% of a living tree is water.

  • What we pour on the ground ends up in our water, and what we spew into the sky ends up in our water.

  • Water regulates the Earth’s temperature. It also regulates the temperature of the human body.

  • There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was formed.

Water takes care of us, it is here for ALL. We must take care of our beautiful bodies and treat our outer and inner with this fantastic element.  Make sure to drink enough water throughout the day EVERY day.

Everyone is different so you can decide your average water intake needed and here is a website to help calculate.

I started off with 8 8-ounce glasses of water per day, add a glass for each dehydrating beverage (coffee, soda, beer, etc.).  For an easier adjustment: add fruits to your water for extra flavor and benefits.

Water not only does so much for our planet Earth but for every thing living.  Water is a part of us and feeds us exactly what we need.  Find yourself in love with water and in love with yourself and everything gets better from there, I promise. xo


Say yes to body oiling!

November 25, 2016

Body oiling (abhyanga) is an ayurvedic self massage in good oils for a surplus of benefits.  Massage your chosen oil onto your skin before bathing for about 15 minutes for great health and therapeutic feelings. Purify your body by oiling every day if wished!

What body oiling can do for you:

  • Softens skin

  • Strengthens the body

  • Stimulates the organs of the body

  • Anti-aging

  • Increases circulation

  • Helps the tissues of the body

  • Believe it or not- helps with maintaining good vision

  • Benefits sleeping

  • Soothing to self

  • Scalp massage will treat hair and help lengthen

Coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, sesame oil, corn oil, almond oil, herb-infused oils are the best options.

  1. Get comfy in a warm area with warmed oil as you should avoid cold while or after the body oiling process. Lay a towel down to catch any dripping oil as you apply to your body.

  2. Apply and massage with a generous amount all over your body.

  3. Start with appendages. Be patient and really focus in on nurturing your body.

  4. Using long strokes on your limbs and smaller circles on your joints, motion towards the inner middle of your body. *I like to think of it as bringing all the lovins into my heart area.*

  5. Massage your belly and chest in clockwise circles, up from the right over to the left and down. *I picture this motion as rubbing a full tummy*.

  6. Don’t forget any piece of your body, it is all important and all of what makes you YOU.

  7. Towel dry with your set aside specific body oiling towel

  8. Apply any essential oils or organic lotions for a maximized fantastic feel.

TIPS:  Avoid abhyanga when pregnant, during menstrual cycle, over diseases or wounds, during medical condition (consult with doctor first), during any acute illness. Also be sure to be careful of slipping into a fall as that can be easy to do after body oiling.  Make sure you are using linens that don’t happen to hold any special significance because the oil could ruin them. If there is still a significant amount of oil left on the linens even after washing disregard or hang out to air dry as oily towels are more likely to catch fire (be careful where placed with this in mind AKA dryer!). Hair may still contain some oil after washing so be sure to use a towel over your pillow to avoid ruining.  Cold water and a cleanser each month is a good idea for the plumbing just so the oil doesn’t stick. Be careful of the shower floor after as it may be slippery for the next person who might not be aware, send a warning or clean thoroughly.

We practice abhyanga because we love ourselves.  We practice all things good for us because of our love for ourselves.  It is important to spend time with yourself everyday.  You may be thinking, of course I spend time with myself everyday, how could I not, I am in my own body doing everything?! That’s not what I mean.  I mean really give some special attention to you. I show my body that I love me everyday even if it’s just for a few minutes. I body oil, exfoliate, stretch, exercise, sing, dance, laugh, eat, drink, etc. and in that moment I am truly all there.  I realize what I’m doing and all that is going on around me.  That is called awareness, my friends.  You step out of your daily hectic mind for even just a few seconds and actually see because sometimes we are looking but not really seeing. Have a blessed life and practice loving yourself in different ways each day! xo

I’ll take my sunny day with a side of exfoliation

November 13, 2016

Lets take a quick couple minutes to focus in on how important exfoliation is.  Treat yourself two to three times a week to a time when you can dedicate to exfoliating.  It’s a quick and easy process that feels so good and you will reap all the benefits. Sit down and think about how great you will feel after you get dead skin cells off, remove excess oil, clean your pores, soften your skin and get your blood circulating! Exfoliating can also fade dark spots, reduces fine lines, decrease pore size,  minimize cellulite, improves acne and uneven skin tone and cancel out any dullness.

*Start off with your feet, circular motions using a pumice stone (only for feet) or simply a scrub or loofah. Explore all over your body continuing in circles but be delicate with yourself.  Use enough pressure to which you are comfortable because this is all about you baby!*

What I love most about exfoliating is feeling so soft and fresh after.  Whenever I feel like I really just need to cleanse myself and get rid of all bad energies and what not I hop in the shower and use a fun scrub.  Make sure to lotion up afterwards because your skin will need the moisture.  It’s also important to choose a product with good ingredients because you’re not only taking off dead skin but refreshing the newly exposed skin. Coconut oil (I know guys, it’s all we talk about over here but it’s seriously great) is a wonderful moisturizer.

Plan out a few times during the week for you to:

  • hop in the hot shower or bath

  • cleanse and exfoliate

  • moisturize

  • get into clean pajamas and bed sheets

  • pop in your favorite movie or read a good book

  • light a yummy scented candle

  • relax and breathe

Do these things all together and it’s like your own at-home spa treatment!

TIPS- Choose salt/sugar as ingredients for a DIY scrub because of their round shape, rather than square, they will not cause tiny rips in the skin.


Oil pulling is good for the soul

November 4, 2016

The practice of oil pulling (Kavala Graha or Gandusha) started in India thousands of years ago which is an Ayurvedic daily oral bacteria killer. Plaque build up causes bad breath, discoloration of the teeth, and gum issues.  Plaque is caused by bacteria in the mouth which easily multiples every day.  Its an important part of our every day hygiene routine to take care of our mouths.  Oil pulling is done by using your choice of coconut oil (most popular and my personal favorite) or sesame oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and safflower oil.  Coconut oil is good for the human body overall and triples as a anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory oil so of course I choose coconut oil as my go-to for everything. The oil binds with the toxins in your mouth to “pull” them out.

IMPROVES: gum health, bad breath, sleep, skin, energy and hormone levels, mental distress. Also works to whiten teeth, soothe headaches, clear sinuses, reduce allergic reactions and fix overall dental issues.

Perform this on an empty stomach (drinking included) as soon as you get up in the morning and brush your teeth after. DO NOT SWALLOW because you are detoxifying your mouth and don’t want all that the oil pulls in your system (you are getting rid of it for a reason).

One tablespoon of organic cold-pressed coconut oil is the amount that I use, less is fine if not tolerable the first time of trying oil pulling (you can add essential oils *peppermint* for taste and added benefits depending on the oil of course). The coconut oil doesn’t have to be melted as it will melt in your mouth but whichever you prefer is fine.

Pull the oil through your teeth and swish it around for 15-20 minutes and when finished, spit the oil into the trash. It can solidify your pipes so stay away from the sink. Rinse your mouth with salt water (microbial and healing) after or simply with warm water, then brush and use a tongue scraper if wanted and start your day with a beautiful big smile!

The down-low on ear candling

October 27, 2016

First things first, ear candling is a method of using a specific type of lit candle stick that utilizes heat to draw out wax and toxins. Ear candling is especially appealing to me because of its history in ancient Egypt and science relation. It works as a vacuum and can be relaxing and comforting as known well to be relieving and helps the body accept new and positive energies.  Ear candling is known for improving sinus congestion, colds, sore throats, ear aches and infections, headaches, candida and equilibrium.

To start off this natural and safe process which relieves tension and pressure you will need someone to help you.

Get comfy! Have the person lay on their side and rest their head among a pillow (depending on which ear is done).

The supplies you’ll need: A small bowl of water kept close, towels, a pair of scissors, a lighter or matches, ear candles

  • Be sure to properly drape the person with towels to cover any facial skin or hair showing

  • Gather your candles, one for each ear. Bees wax recommended*

  • Place the tapered end of the tip of candle in ear cavity and gently hold (no need for pushing the candle in)

  • Light the other end of the candle with a match or lighter

  • Let it burn for a minute or so

  • Blow it out

  • Cut off the burnt piece and throw the ash into a nearby water bowl

  • Re-light

  • Repeat process until about 2″ away from the ear

  • You are now able to remove the remainder of the candle safely and begin to cut open to see what was removed if wanted

HELPFUL TIPS: Watch for any candle wax drippage, as long as the person was properly draped this will not be a worry. When blowing out the candle use light force because if not the ashes will fly elsewhere and that could be dangerous. Feeling heat/hearing crackling noises is normal and okay.  Be aware of how you are feeling and take proper personal precautions of course. Ear candling should take about 15-20 minutes per ear depending on what type of candle used. For the next 24 hours after the procedure was completed please keep ears protected from cold, wind, excessive amounts of water and anything else that could do harm. After these 24 hours are up the ears will return to normal wax production. Ear candling can be done at any age. As for how often, trust your own  judgement after researching! No more than once a day for issues that request doing so, once a week for issues that request doing so but I would recommend anyone with no issues do when feeling needed and avoid being excessive.



Coconut oil is everything

October 25, 2016

Lets be real here… Coconut oil is everything, from inner body good to outer body good. I could rant for days about the benefits of coconut oil for it’s many uses.  For today, we can stick with it’s attributions to beauty. Coconut oil is a blessing for skin care, you can start by using it as a makeup remover for stubborn eye makeup or simply even a pre-cleanse.  The theory here is that oil attracts oil, it will gently remove your makeup with no harm done to your skin or eyelashes.  When applying use small upward circular motions as a good facial massage to get your blood circulating. You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer as well, not only for your face but for your whole body. It can help with eczema/body odor/fungal issues/dry skin.  Coconut oil FUN FACT: A natural SPF of 10.  Since coconut oil is so moisturizing to the skin it is known as a wrinkle reducer.  It doesn’t stop there guys, there’s so much more.  This holy grail is fantastic for your hair from the root to the shaft.  Apply all over for the full benefits and add a moist hot towel for the heat to penetrate the product better.  Leave on for two hours, at the least, or overnight for better results.  Oil isn’t the easiest to remove from hair so apply your shampoo to dry hair first then rinse, conditioner may not be needed because of excess moisture in hair from the oil. Once you use this as a hair mask a few times you will find out what works best for you.  Enjoy and spread the love of our adored coconut oil!

Sunscreen 101

October 8, 2016

SPF, you hear those three letters thrown around so often, and most people don’t even understand what they really mean… SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it’s the number on a scale for rating the degree of protection provided by a sunscreen. So for instance, a sun protection factor of 30 means, once applied, it will take 30 times more solar energy to burn the skin than if the sunscreen was never applied. There are 2 different types of sun protection:

  1. Sunscreens chemically absorb UV rays

  2. Sunblocks physically deflect them

Now, the majority of us will use sunscreen instead of sunblock because we do not want that lifeguard look. Sunscreens block UVB rays effectively, but until recently provided less UVA protection. They have come up with new ingredients to help block the UVA rays, like; octylcrylene, benzophenones, and a revolutionary chemical avobenzone which is supposed to protect us against all UVA wavelengths. Also, I know you’ve heard the phrase Broad Spectrum. That term indicates that the product you choose shields against UVA & UVB rays. However, it does not guarantee protection against ALL UVA rays, just the shorter ones. Here are some key ingredients to look for when making a decision on which product to purchase:

  • Avobenzone

  • Zinc Oxide

  • Titanium Dioxide