• Amanda Stewart-Ventura

Coconut oil is everything

Lets be real here… Coconut oil is everything, from inner body good to outer body good. I could rant for days about the benefits of coconut oil for it’s many uses. For today, we can stick with it’s attributions to beauty. Coconut oil is a blessing for skin care, you can start by using it as a makeup remover for stubborn eye makeup or simply even a pre-cleanse. The theory here is that oil attracts oil, it will gently remove your makeup with no harm done to your skin or eyelashes. When applying use small upward circular motions as a good facial massage to get your blood circulating. You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer as well, not only for your face but for your whole body. It can help with eczema/body odor/fungal issues/dry skin. Coconut oil FUN FACT: A natural SPF of 10. Since coconut oil is so moisturizing to the skin it is known as a wrinkle reducer. It doesn’t stop there guys, there’s so much more. This holy grail is fantastic for your hair from the root to the shaft. Apply all over for the full benefits and add a moist hot towel for the heat to penetrate the product better. Leave on for two hours, at the least, or overnight for better results. Oil isn’t the easiest to remove from hair so apply your shampoo to dry hair first then rinse, conditioner may not be needed because of excess moisture in hair from the oil. Once you use this as a hair mask a few times you will find out what works best for you. Enjoy and spread the love of our adored coconut oil!

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