• Amanda Stewart-Ventura

The down-low on ear candling

First things first, ear candling is a method of using a specific type of lit candle stick that utilizes heat to draw out wax and toxins. Ear candling is especially appealing to me because of its history in ancient Egypt and science relation. It works as a vacuum and can be relaxing and comforting as known well to be relieving and helps the body accept new and positive energies. Ear candling is known for improving sinus congestion, colds, sore throats, ear aches and infections, headaches, candida and equilibrium.

To start off this natural and safe process which relieves tension and pressure you will need someone to help you.

Get comfy! Have the person lay on their side and rest their head among a pillow (depending on which ear is done).

The supplies you’ll need: A small bowl of water kept close, towels, a pair of scissors, a lighter or matches, ear candles

>Be sure to properly drape the person with towels to cover any facial skin or hair showing

>Gather your candles, one for each ear. Bees wax recommended*

>Place the tapered end of the tip of candle in ear cavity and gently hold (no need for pushing the candle in)

>Light the other end of the candle with a match or lighter

>Let it burn for a minute or so

>Blow it out

>Cut off the burnt piece and throw the ash into a nearby water bowl


>Repeat process until about 2″ away from the ear

>You are now able to remove the remainder of the candle safely and begin to cut open to see what was removed if wanted

HELPFUL TIPS: Watch for any candle wax drippage, as long as the person was properly draped this will not be a worry. When blowing out the candle use light force because if not the ashes will fly elsewhere and that could be dangerous. Feeling heat/hearing crackling noises is normal and okay. Be aware of how you are feeling and take proper personal precautions of course. Ear candling should take about 15-20 minutes per ear depending on what type of candle used. For the next 24 hours after the procedure was completed please keep ears protected from cold, wind, excessive amounts of water and anything else that could do harm. After these 24 hours are up the ears will return to normal wax production. Ear candling can be done at any age. As for how often, trust your own judgement after researching! No more than once a day for issues that request doing so, once a week for issues that request doing so but I would recommend anyone with no issues do when feeling needed and avoid being excessive.

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