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Make it a ritual✨
Each kit contains a 2oz skin care oil/serum and a Red “Blood” Agate Gua Sha Stone. The oils are designed based on skin type. Oily/Acneic Facial Oil Ingredients: *Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil

(*=certified organic ingredients)
The stone we chose for our gua sha tool is said to transform negative energy, creates aura stabilization, promotes self confidence, heals emotional Trauma, and helps with skin disorders.

Skin Care Ritual Kit Oily/Acneic

  • Wash Gua Sha Stone with daily use. Use warm water and antibacterial soap. Dry Thoroughly. During Full Moons, leave the stone on a windowsil in the moonlight to be cleansed of any energy it may have absorbed.

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