Body Rituals + Massage
Cocoa Butter Body Ritual

Our hand blended oils and cocoa butter are melted together & applied to your skin to leave you hydrated and refreshed. Paired with a dry brush exfoliation to increase circulation, stimulate lymph drainage, and improve digestion.

90 minutes $130

Chamomile Body Ritual

This wrap is a holistic experience from beginning to end. It starts with a dry brush exfoliation for your entire body and then a warm oil infused with Chamomile and Cocoa Butter is applied to your body before you are wrapped up to allow the oils to be absorbed into your skin. Topped off with a warm oil massage at the end. You receive the brush as a take home gift  for you to continue to receive the benefits of Dry Brushing daily.
90 mins $130

Swedish Massage
30 minutes...$40
60 minutes...$80
Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes...$50
60 minutes...$90
90 minutes...$110
Deep Tissue Massage
30 minutes...$60
60 minutes...$100
90 minutes...$120
**The prices for Massage do not include tax. Please check our booking site at for more massage modalities.

** The following services have been taken down currently but will return in the future! 

Sea Glass Indulgence Ritual

Awaken and liven up your inner being with this caffeinated treatment to tone and tighten tissue, increase circulation, reduce water tension and the appearance of cellulite. Enjoy this wrap with a full body exfoliation using Himalayan Salts to prime your skin for your targeted treatment.

90 minutes  $130

Dead Sea Mud Ritual

Strengthen your skin while drawing out impurities and toxins to bring to light a more youthful and beautiful skin tone, paired with a Himalayan Salt Scrub for complete rejuvenation.

90 minutes  $130

Covered in Sweet Sand

Cast aside rough, dry skin with this rich and softly scented body experience that utilizes whole grains, organic oils, and pure honey ethically harvested; complimented with a decadent warm shea butter application.

60 minutes  $80

30 minutes (scrub only)  $45